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Acquistapace’s Covington Supermarket is located at 125 E. 21st Ave. in downtown Covington. This is where you can see your friends, neighbors, and everyone else perusing the aisles. We are often told we are like Covington’s Town Square! Our Covington location is a full-service neighborhood grocery store.

Don’t mistake us for any old grocery, we like events and parties, we are filled with a treasure trove of local products, incredible meat selection, an enormous award winning wine and spirits selection, and one of the largest cheese selections in the South. We won’t stop there, we have cool groceries and all sorts of specialty items alongside a stable of national brands for every budget. Another grocer once told us that we are Restaurateurs masquerading as Grocers. We will take that as a compliment.

Our Mandeville store is located at 631 North Causeway Boulevard at the intersection of East Causeway Boulevard, less than a mile from the Lake. Our Mandeville location is a cool store. Our selection of wine, spirits, and beer is silly. Seriously, we don’t really need this many items, but we like interesting beverages, and we can. This location has a large selection of fine, artisan cheeses, the best wet-aged Prime Beef you can find anywhere, and all sorts of other food items that are great for dinner or to make a charcuterie board. We get new items in here all of the time, so come in often to see the new stuff.

We care about food, we love food, we want you to love food, we will share with you our love of food… and wine.

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Our Family's History

Where do we start? Like many families, occupations are often passed down through the generations. The Acquistapace family isn’t any different. We just so happen to have been born into a family of grocers. We trace our grocery roots back to the 1860s in the Bywater of New Orleans, LA where all grocers were, by definition and reality, neighborhood corner stores. Our grandmother, Odilia, was born upstairs above her family’s corner store. Our grandmother and her family grew up and lived on top of the grocery store

Even though we have been around for a few years, we feel as though we have just begun!

Acquistapaces In The Community

We love our community. We want to be a part of everything. Heck we should change the name on the building to Acquistapace- Covington’s Supermarket. That’s how we look at our stores, they are the community’s stores and we need to make sure that we exceed their expectations.

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