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Acquistapace’s Covington Supermarket is home of the finest produce, meats, cheeses, wine, beer, and spirits and so much more.

125 E 21st Ave Covington, LA 70433


Hours Of Operation

Monday - Saturday 6AM–10PM
Sunday 6AM–9PM

Deli Meats, Sausages, Breads And More From Acquistapace’s

A great sandwich is not possible without premium ingredients, which you will find in abundance at the deli at Acquistapace’s. Every day, our deli is serving fresh, tasty ingredients that you can take home to build your own sandwich. Whether you’re preparing for a party or just getting ingredients for your lunches for the week, you will find everything you need at Acquistapace’s.

Premium Deli Meats

Your sandwich needs great meat, and Acquistapace’s has you covered. We have all of the classic flavors you want, including smoked an classic turkey, hickory honey smoked ham, black forest ham, and pastrami. We also have unique flavors like Cajun-spiced turkey and London broil roast beef to give your sandwich a unique twist. If you have a craving for chicken salad, you will love our homemade version, which is ready for purchase.

In addition, we have ultra-thin sliced charcuterie featured in our deli. You can request your favorite cured meat sliced while you wait. We specialize in preparing delicious charcuterie boards here in house, so you will not be disappointed!

Maybe you have a craving for something hot?  We offer hot, juicy rotisserie chicken. Choose from a variety of flavors and bring home a hot-and-ready dinner for your family.


Rotisserie Chicken

Once you take your first bite of our rotisserie chicken, with its crispy, perfectly seasoned outer layer and juicy meat on the inside, then you may be ready to try all of Acquistapace’s rotisserie chicken flavors.

The rotisserie process includes a little bit of grilling, roasting, smoking and basting all in one, and our quality 3-pound chickens come of the rotisserie in a variety of flavors, including New Orleans Style, Lemon Pepper, BBQ, Italian and Salt-free.

Fresh Baked Breads

Once you have your meat in hand, you will want to find the right bread for it. Our bakery offers a large selection of fresh baked breads, as well as sweets, for you to choose from. Finish out your meal with the perfect selection, because after all a sandwich is only as good as the bread it is on. Whether you prefer white, wheat, rolls, or baguettes, you’ll find it here.

Fresh Sushi

The sushi at Acquistapace’s Covington Supermarket is prepared fresh daily by our sushi chefs.

Quality Beef Selection

With the largest selection of Prime Beef on the north shore, Acquistapace’s is your one-stop shop for quality meat.

One reason is the quality of our meat, but another is we have butchers on site who know how to properly cut meat. How meat is sliced is key in how well it cooks (and eats!) and no one does it better than Acquistapace’s.

So whether you’re looking for something as simple as ground beef, or something as delicious as a ribeye, a strip steak, or tenderloin, we have it for you here at Acquistapace’s.

Highest Quality Pork Cuts

A lot of pork is used in the kind of cooking we do in south Louisiana.

Ham for the beans? Check.
Bacon for some oysters en brochette? Check.
How about a nice chop for grilling to go along with a big pile of collard greens? Yes indeed!

Here at Acquistapace’s, you’ll find a vast selection of pork products to add a little love to every meal!

Premium Quality Poultry

Chicken is America’s favorite bird, and why not? There are so many ways to prepare it, and each one a winner – especially when you choose from the great selection here at Acquistapace’s.

How about a delicious chicken Parmesan? You’ll need some boneless breasts for that. Maybe the gang wants some barbecued wings to eat during the big game. And chicken tenders would go great on that big green salad.

Whatever you choose, Acquistapace’s friendly staff is happy to help you find what you’re looking for and get your meal going in the right direction.

Fresh Seafood

Seafood turns everyday meals into a celebration. We carry ingredients in store to make it easy to prepare traditional Cajun and Creole dishes or create something entirely new to impress friends and family. We also sell fresh sushi if you need a quick seafood fix that’s ready to eat.

Whether you’re making crawfish etouffee as a Friday night dinner, barbecue shrimp as a potluck main dish or a pot of seafood gumbo for a special occasion, count on our fresh shrimp and Louisiana-sourced crawfish tails to add an authentic local touch. Frozen fish and shellfish options let you enjoy your favorite seafood year-round, and in-season varieties deliver top-quality seafood options at the peak of freshness. We also carry all the seasonings you need to prepare delicious dishes such as lemon-pepper scallops or blackened redfish, our seafood experts can make suggestions and offer cooking tips if you’re interested in trying something new.


Large Selection Of Wines From Around The World

Adam Acquistapace has traveled near and far learning about wine and attending wine conferences, and the end result for Acquistapace’s customers is a huge selection, friendly, unpretentious service, and great prices.

With such a large selection of wines from around the world at reasonable prices combined with Adam and his friendly, knowledgeable staff, they are ready to help you select your next wine.

“We use the spider web approach. Tell us what you like. All wines can be compared and contrasted in some way to each other. We have 6,300 different items to pick through to match you up. We recommend wines based on what you are looking for. No commissioned salespersons here.”

Beer & Spirits

We take our beer selection seriously. We have curated a huge selection of local, regional, micro, macro, and global beers. We love beer and always have new and seasonal offerings lining the coolers and shelves.

We’re Certified Cheese Professionals

Erik and Haley Acquistapace are among only a handful of American Cheese Society Certified Cheese Professionals in the state of Louisiana. The certification means the Acquistapaces have demonstrated a mastery of cheese and the best practices within the industry and have passed a comprehensive written exam and renewal process.

Acquistapace’s offers a wide variety of Cheese

Your basic cheddar cheese – sure, we got it!

More exotic cheeses… we got that too!

When it comes to cheese, you’ll find it at Acquistapace’s in Covington and Mandeville.

That’s because American Cheese Society Certified Cheese Professionals Erik and Haley Acquistapace make sure both locations feature the largest selection of cheeses on the Northshore and the finest cheeses the world has to offer.

From artisanal and farmhouse cheeses to major brands, we carry more than 450 varieties. Even with that broad selection, we are happy to special order a cheese if you don’t find what you’re looking for at our two Northshore locations.

And since we also offer charcuterie, crackers, breads, spreads and more, Acquistapace’s is your one-stop shop when you want to create the perfect cheese tray.

Charcuterie - The Best Cured Meats & Sausages

Charcuterie…the art of preparing meats that are usually smoked or cured.

But in a word, you can call it “delicious.” Acquistapace’s has specialized in meat service for decades, and knows how to prepare the finest charcuterie you’ll find this side of the bayou!

Acquistapace’s features Creminelli Fine Meats and Dietz & Watson, sliced ultra thin upon request at our deli counter. Try Varzi, Coppa, Milano, Calabrese, Finocchiona, Sopressata and Salsiccia on your next charcuterie board.

Always Low Prices On Groceries & Produce

Acquistapace’s in Covington is your neighborhood grocer. That means we carry all of the staples, but it also means we are much more. Acquistapace’s supports other locally owned businesses.

We are locally owned and love to support other local businesses by prominently stocking their labor of love, meaning we carry their stuff. What else makes Acquistapace’s cool? We carry specialty items from all over the planet.

Did you know, for our canned artichoke heart vendor, we are their largest account in America? That’s pretty crazy for a neighborhood grocer in Covington, La. We have so many interesting things, we like to stroll down the aisles to see what our grocery buyers have found, and we always try something new.

We love local Produce and the local farmers! We wish it was all local.

Whether you’re seeking zucchini squash from May to November or asparagus from February to June, you’ll find what you’re looking for at Acquistapace’s, which has one of the best seasonal produce selections available in Covington.

Get To Know Your Store

Store Team Leader — Mike Barndt

Stop by to find expert team members ready to help you pick the best produce, local products from makers near you and, oh yeah, all the groceries you know and love, from organic fruits and vegetables to sustainable seafood. There’s so much more in-store. See you soon.

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