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LOLA Pimento Cheese, Chloe Wines, and the Karl Malone Cigar Line


Exquisite Autumn Offerings at Acquistapace’s Wine & Cheese

As autumn closes in, the days grow shorter and the air grows colder. It’s the perfect time to warm up inside, preparing delicious meals and the perfect relaxing evening.

Make the most of your October nights by perusing a selection of amazing products from Acquistapace’s Wine & Cheese. This month, we’re highlighting LOLA pimento cheese, Chloe wines, and the Karl Malone cigar line. Explore our many options and plan out the perfect night, whether you’re dining alone or spending time with loved ones.


Enjoy a Taste of LOLA Pimento Cheese

Elevate your meal with a sprinkle of cheese, enhancing your dining experience. Especially, choose LOLA’s pimento cheese for an exquisite taste. Indulge in a delightful product, elevating your dinner.

Explore the award-winning LOLA’s Restaurant, boasting a diverse selection of delectable options, including cheese. Founded by Keith and Nealy Frantz, this eatery offers local-inspired cuisine.

Savor the essence of the restaurant at home by procuring their beloved pimento cheese. Acquistapace’s Wine & Cheese provides LOLA pimento cheese, Chloe Wines, the Karl Malone cigar line, and more to elevate your evening. Our cheese connoisseurs will guide you to the ideal products for your party platter, catering to your preferences.

Chloe Wines

Give Back With Chloe Wines

A fine wine elevates any meal, and Chloe’s wine collection is celebrated among connoisseurs for its timeless, exceptional flavors. Sourced from renowned wine-producing regions, savor a glass during dinner to infuse sophistication into your evening.

Purchasing a bottle this month offers more than self-indulgence; it’s a meaningful gesture.

October marks Breast Cancer Awareness Month, an opportunity to unite, educate, and remember those touched by the disease. Chloe is dedicated to this cause, launching the Chloe Cares initiative. Throughout October every year, they contribute $2 to Breast Cancer Charities of America for each wine bottle sold. Enjoy a touch of luxury while supporting the community.

Karl Malone Cigars

Purchase a Unique Cigar From the Karl Malone Cigar Line

Indulge in the rich, intricate flavors of Karl Malone’s La Aurora Barrel Aged cigar. Meticulously curated by Louisiana’s iconic basketball legend, this cigar embraces barrel aging for an unparalleled experience. Each handmade cigar features years-aged tobacco, delivering a delightful woody aroma, a nuanced flavor spectrum, and exquisite nuances.

The creation of the Karl Malone cigar line was a profound journey, born from the collaboration of Karl Malone and the La Aurora family, introduced through a mutual connection. Inspired by the La Aurora family, Karl immersed himself in the process, starting from the tobacco fields. Over two years, working closely with Master Blender Manuel Inoa, he honed and perfected the blend.

Acquistapace’s Wine & Cheese offers a curated selection of these cigars, an ideal finale for any autumn evening. Consider the Churchill size for a lasting experience, or consult our experts for a tailored recommendation.

Find the Right Product at Acquistapace’s Wine & Cheese in Mandeville, LA

Embrace October as the ideal moment for a cozy night in. Unwind with Chloe’s delightful wines, knowing you’re contributing to the community. Alternatively, elevate your dining experience by adding delectable LOLA pimento cheese to your dishes, sure to impress your loved ones.No matter your evening’s agenda, Acquistapace’s Wine & Cheese offers tailored products to meet your needs. Explore our diverse selection, from LOLA pimento cheese to Chloe wines and the Karl Malone cigar line. Visit our Mandeville store, or dial (985) 951-2501 for further information on these exquisite offerings.

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