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Embrace Autumn with Delicious Delights

With autumn comes holidays, football games, and long nights spent indoors. Finding the right food options can help you make the most of any family gathering. Whether you want to find gourmet condiments, fantastic charcuterie boards, or a range of local dips, our store has something for your needs.

At Acquistapace’s Covington Supermarket, we stock a range of delicious products, from finger foods to pasta and hot sauces. Explore our selection of dessert sauces, luxury condiments, Busseto Foods, and local dips and sauces to find the perfect option for your event or evening.

Sunday Night

Make Your Night a Little Sweeter With Premium Sunday Night Dessert Sauces

You can enjoy many desserts as-is, but why not make them a little sweeter with Sunday Night’s premium dessert sauces? The right sauce can enhance your experience and let you indulge after a hard day’s work.

Sunday Night’s small-batch ice cream topping is a particularly popular choice. This sauce is made with pure ingredients to provide you with the best possible flavor. Each product is free of gluten and soy and contains no preservatives, corn syrup, or artificial flavors.

Our store carries the classic milk chocolate and dark chocolate varieties. Explore our selection of sauces and find the perfect finishing touch for your dessert.

Truff 1

Explore TRUFF’s Luxury Condiments and Add a Touch of Extravagance to Your Meal

You don’t have to be a millionaire to enjoy a little bit of luxury. Gourmet condiments can add a little bit of sophistication to any meal.

TRUFF’s truffle-infused foods, in particular, are excellent choices if you want something unique and delicious. They infuse their food with truffle oil, transforming standard condiments — like hot sauce and mayonnaise — into distinctly tasteful products.

Our store stocks a wide range of TRUFF products, including:

  • Black Truffle Mayo
  • Spicy Black Truffle Mayo
  • Black Truffle Pomodoro Pasta Sauce
  • Spicy Black Truffle Arrabbiata Pasta Sauce
  • White Truffle Hot Sauce
  • Black Truffle Hot Sauce
  • Spicy Black Truffle Hot Sauce

If you’re planning to cook a big meal, then these products may be the perfect way to impress your guests. Visit our store to pick up one of these condiments and add that perfect gourmet flavor to your dishes.


Discover Delicious Products From Busseto Foods

Sometimes, simple is better. Busseto Foods is a company that takes this motto to heart. Their professionals choose their meats carefully, combining simple ingredients to create a delicious selection of products.

At Acquistapace’s Covington Supermarket, we stock an extensive selection of Busseto products, including: Sweet Sopressata, Pancetta, Sliced Chorizo, Antipasto, Genoa Salami, Charcuterie

In addition, we stock a range of dry salami selections, including: Herbs de Provence, Black Pepper, Mild, Spicy

Busseto Foods’s products can enhance any gathering. Serve them at family events, provide them for football viewings with friends, or enjoy them on your own as a snack.


Enjoy a Taste of Home With Our Locally Sourced Dips and Sauces from Chell’s

Sometimes, you want to treat yourself with luxury products. Other times, you’d prefer something a little more homemade. We offer a selection of dips and sauces made right here in the Covington area; explore our options to support local businesses and enjoy products that taste delicious.

In particular, Chell’s offers a range of delicious sauces, including:

  • Creamed Spinach Dip
  • Creamed Spinach and Artichoke Dip 
  • Lemon Garlic Butter with Capers Sauce

Michelle Barnes, the owner of Chell’s, uses her dipping sauce recipes to create high-quality products. Pick up one of these dips as the perfect way to add some extra flavor to your chips or other food!

Find the Right Product for Your Needs

Finding the right sauces and condiments can enhance your meal and make an event special. At Acquistapace’s Covington Supermarket, we offer a wide selection of delicious products, guaranteeing you’ll find something you love. Consider stopping by our Covington location or call 985-893-0593 if you have any questions. Find fantastic products today.

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