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Angelo Brocato Treats, Oktoberfest Beers, and Summer Wine Down Selections


Indulge in Culinary Bliss: Delectable Desserts, Oktoberfest Beers, and Summer Wine-Down Selections at Acquistapace’s Supermarket

Summer may be winding down, but that doesn’t mean you have to. Here at Acquistapace’s Wine & Cheese in Mandeville, we have everything you need to make the end of summer the tastiest part of the season.

Acquistapace’s Wine & Cheese now carries Angelo Brocato’s spumoni, lemon ice, and cannoli. We also offer a variety of Oktoberfest beers, including Urban South, Gnarly Barley, Sam Adams, and Rogue. Lastly, delight in the exploration of a selection of summer wines that will be showcased, highlighting the captivating Zonin Coastal Lemon Spritzer, the nuanced Vocoret Chablis, and the distinctive Al Muvedre Monastrell.

Do yourself a favor and head to the nearest Acquistapace’s Wine & Cheese before they fly off the shelves.

Delectable Desserts and Drinks From Angelo Brocato

Brocato Desserts Aug 23

Beat the heat with your favorite desserts and drinks with our new products from Angelo Brocato! Angelo Brocato Original Italian Ice originated in Louisiana over 100 years ago. Over a century, the brand has perfected its lemon ice. You won’t be able to get enough of this classic, cooling flavor.

If you have a sweet tooth, Angelo Brocato’s cannoli are for you. Each cannoli is handmade: the shells, the ricotta cheese filling, and the chopped pistachio topping. This cream-filled dessert is available in regular or miniature sizes.

First, the dessert is filled with half-chocolate and half-vanilla cream. Next, the filled cannoli is topped with powdered sugar and cinnamon. For chocolate lovers, Angelo Brocato also makes chocolate-dipped cannoli. 

Sure enough, you’ll need a drink to pair with your dessert. What better beverage than Angelo Brocato’s spumoni? This sparkling wine will add some much-needed sparkle to your life. 

It’s Prime Time for Oktoberfest Beers

Oktoberfest beers aug 23

While some people associate the most wonderful time of the year with the winter holidays, beer lovers’ celebration starts a little earlier.  

People worldwide enjoy this festival celebrating beer, and so can you.

Urban South’s Oktoberfest beer is a classic Märzen with a rich malt that pairs well with its crisp lager finish. This combination of European beer making and newer American styles is a must at all upcoming Oktoberfest celebrations. 

We also carry Gnarly Barley’s Oktoberfest beer, which has a Pilsner malt base — the perfect balance of Vienna and Munich malts. It’s a medium-bodied lager that leaves you with a sweet caramel aftertaste. 

Offering another classic Märzen is Sam Adams. This limited-time offer is practically the embodiment of autumn, from its amber color to its rich, toasty flavor. It has a mild sweetness to it, making it a great option for all Oktoberfest celebrations. 

Last but not least, Rogue’s Oktoberfest is lagered for eight weeks. It uses several malts, including Pilsner, Vienna, Weyermann Light Munich, Carahell, Caramunich, and German hops. This all makes for a smooth taste with a hint of caramel sweetness. 

Summer Wine-Down Selections at Acquistapace’s Wine & Cheese

wine selections Aug 23

For those with an affinity for wines, a world of refined choices beckons—a realm where every sip is a journey. Amid Fall’s embrace, a trio of exceptional wines awaits, each narrating a story of taste and craftsmanship.

Zonin Coastal Lemon Spritzer embodies the eternal essence of summer. Born from pressed Italian grapes and distilled lemons, this sparkling wine cocktail presents a symphony of citrus. Its dance of flavors complements seafood, cheese, and exotic fruits.

Transitioning gracefully from summer to autumn, Vocoret Chablis unveils notes of green apple, lemon, and pear. Pressed, fermented, and caressed by cultured yeast strains, it crafts a refreshing melody, capturing both seasons’ spirit.

Completing the trio, Al Muvedre Monastrell evokes the Mediterranean’s luminance. A sip conjures sun-soaked landscapes and a radiant expression. Rooted in innovation, this wine pays homage to uniqueness.

Beyond being libations, these wines embody artistry, seasonal wisdom, and terroir tales. Zonin’s zest, Vocoret’s harmony, and Al Muvedre’s radiance—they enrich cherished moments, weave memories, and ensnare palates in their charm.

Discover Acquistapace’s Selections

Acquistapace’s Wine & Cheese in Mandeville is making it easy to treat yourself this Fall because you deserve it. Whether your mouth is watering at the mention of cannoli or you’re in need of a refreshing wine, we have you covered. Make your way to your local Acquistapace’s to browse our new Angelo Brocato products, Oktoberfest beers, summer wines, and more delicious items.

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