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Indulge in Authentic Louisiana Flavors: Discover Exquisite Delights in Louisiana Made Grocery Items, Louisiana Wine, and Fine Tequila


Savor the Essence of Louisiana: Unveiling a Gastronomic Journey through Local Delicacies, Fine Wines, and Exquisite Tequila

This June 10, our guests had a fantastic time sampling locally made treats and beverages at our Louisiana Made event! Attendees had the chance to try some of the finest foods and drinks our state has to offer. If you couldn’t make it to the event, don’t worry! Acquistapace’s stocks these great products year-round.

While we loved everything we sampled at the event, we’d like to feature these standout products from local producers like Hubig’s, Landry Vineyards, and Haydel’s Bakery. Check out Lauren’s picks below, then drop by Acquistapace’s to try these local Louisiana flavors for yourself!

Louisiana Made Grocery

Louisiana Made Grocery

We absolutely adore these mouthwatering Louisiana treats! If you’re craving locally made fare, we’re sure you’ll love them too.

Locals who long for the taste of old-fashioned hand pies, in all their sweet and delectably flaky glory, will find a new favorite with Hubig’s. Hubig’s makes its pies fresh from scratch five days a week in its New Orleans bakery. They’ve been around since 1921, so you know they’ve got pie making down to a science.

At the Louisiana Made event, guests sampled a variety of pie flavors, including:

  • Lemon
  • Chocolate
  • Apple

Next up, we have muffulettas from Central Grocery in New Orleans’ French Quarter. This third-generation grocery store is the home of the original muffuletta. At our sampling event, guests enjoyed muffulettas made from locally baked handmade bread and meats sliced in-house.

Now we’ve got another treat for you if you have a sweet tooth! Louisiana Made attendees swooned over turtle cookies from Haydel’s Bakery. These glorious cookies are baked to perfection, then topped with house-made chocolate fudge and pecan halves.

Louisiana Wine & Spirits

Louisiana Wine Spirits

No food sampling event at Acquistapace’s would be complete without a selection of boozy beverages! Here are Lauren’s picks for the best wine and spirits we tried at Louisiana Made.

Bayou Rum is the perfect choice for sipping neat or mixing into a frosty daiquiri. It’s the official rum of the New Orleans Saints, and with flavor like this, it’s easy to see why.

At the event, attendees sampled Bayou White, which features hints of banana, green apple, and vanilla bean. Our guests also went wild over Bayou Spiced Rum thanks to its mild yet complex flavor profile of maple, clove, pepper, and Creole baking spices.

True rum lovers will want to reach for Bayou Reserve, which the distillery bills as “the rum for bourbon drinkers.” It’s matured in old bourbon barrels for up to four years, giving the rum an oaky character with pronounced maple and cinnamon notes.

Our tasting event also showcased a variety of red and white wines from Landry Vineyards. Established in 1999, this beautiful vineyard produces about 50 to 70 tons of grapes and more than 200,000 bottles of wine per year.



At Acquistapace’s, we offer a tantalizing selection of tequilas to choose from. Calirosa Rosa Blanco tequila is by far one of our favorites. If you attended our Louisiana Made event and enjoyed Calirosa Rosa Blanco as much as we did, you can order a bottle for yourself online or pick one up next time you come to our store.

Guests couldn’t stop talking about this agave-forward tequila. It features subtle hints of juicy berries and fig, plus delicate aromas of strawberry, honey, and raspberry. Calirosa makes this unique tequila by aging it in red wine barrels for a month.

Tasters at our event had nothing but good things to say about Cimarron Tequila. The distillery produces its tequilas from hillside agave grown at more than 4,000 feet, which gives the tequila a unique flavor profile.

Our top picks from the distillery include Cimarron Blanco, made from 100% agave, and Cimarron Anejo Cristalino, which the company ages in American White Oak barrels. We also love Cimarron Reposado, which features hints of oak, pepper, and barrel spice.

Head Down to Acquistapace’s Today to Elevate Your Summer!

You’ll find all of these delectable goodies and many others at Acquistapace’s in Mandeville, LA. Visit our supermarket to find your new favorite treat today!

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