Discover the Delights of Teo Gelato, Seggiano Artichoke Hearts, and La Fermiere Yogurt at Acquistapace’s SuperMarket in Covington!

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Indulge in Italian-inspired Teo Gelato, Artichoke Hearts from Seggiano, and French-style La Fermiere Yogurt – Available Now at Acquistapace’s SuperMarket in Covington! Looking to add some flare to your weekly grocery shopping list? At Acquistapace’s Covington Supermarket, we provide high-end luxury foods that will make all of your weeknight meals and late-night snacks taste as […]

The Basics Of Wine Tasting

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Watching someone smell their wine, swirl it around and gargle the first sip, then rattle off all kinds of information about the wine might seem intimidating. However, even casual wine drinkers can learn the art of wine tasting. It’s not overly complicated once you understand the basics, and the wine experts at Acquistapace’s can help. […]

Beer and Crawfish: A Primer

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There’s no doubt about it. Louisianans know how to boil crawfish. But are they as sure about which beer to pair with their mudbugs? Given the unique flavor profile of boiled crawfish, selecting a beer to serve alongside the spicy favorite poses a challenge for many. In fact, customers often ask us which beer they […]

Honing your Craft when it comes to Beer

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Craft beers continue to rage in popularity nationally and now seemingly even abroad, but do you really know what makes a craft beer? Perhaps the best place to start is the Brewers Association, which defines an American craft brewery as one: That has an annual production of less than 6 million barrels. That is independent, […]

We’ll help you spring into your next party this season

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Stepped outside lately? It’s springtime in south Louisiana, and with it comes quite possibly some of our finest weather of the year. And when the temperature is just right, it seems we know how to crank the party up to fever pitch. Hanging out with friends on the patio or the front porch this time […]

When the seafood spice is right, here’s how to keep your cool

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Shop Acquistapaces wines & beers to quench the flames of hot seafood If you’re planning to have some spicy seafood spread across your backyard picnic table real soon, you’re certainly going to want a cold beverage to pair with the feast. The first thing that Acquistapace’s Supermarket wine and spirits expert Sunny Groom goes to […]

No-fuss summer eats are the way to go

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When you’re hanging with your friends at the pool during the summer and you want a bite to eat, you’re probably thinking quick and easy. That’s understandable. When it’s all about logistics, what better finger food than the sandwich? Acquistapace’s Covington Supermarket has all the things you’ll need to build the perfect sandwich, while keeping […]

The thrill of the grill … it’s that time of year!

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Summer is barbecue season and Acquistapace’s Covington Supermarket has everything you need to turn your backyard grill into a standout experience. Starting with that key ingredient – the meat for the barbecue – the Acquistapace Family goes to great lengths for customer satisfaction. Butchers in house at Acquistapace’s Covington location will trim the perfect cut […]

Structure your drinks and eats to beat the summer heat

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Summer is fast approaching, and that means Mother Nature will crank the temperature up soon. The warmer weather means people may temporarily change their eating habits, typically opting for lighter fare so as not to get weighted down in the Louisiana heat. Just because you may eat lighter foods doesn’t mean you must sacrifice taste. […]