Beer and Crawfish: A Primer

4.10.18 By

There’s no doubt about it. Louisianans know how to boil crawfish. But are they as sure about which beer to pair with their mudbugs?

Given the unique flavor profile of boiled crawfish, selecting a beer to serve alongside the spicy favorite poses a challenge for many. In fact, customers often ask us which beer they should bring to a boil.

We’re always happy to make a recommendation. But if you find yourself somewhere without knowledgeable staff or if you just want to impress your friends, here are some tips to help.

  • Opt for a lighter beer that’s served cold. Darker beers tend to be served on the warmer side, which doesn’t pair well with spicy crawfish.
  • Look for light, bright notes in your brew.
  • Don’t pick a beer that’s high in calories. Guests will feel fuller quicker and won’t eat as much crawfish.
  • To combat the spiciness guests may want more than a few sips of the cold brew, so you may want to opt for a bear with a lower alcohol content.

For specific recommendations, try these styles:

Gose Beer – Refreshing, salty, slightly sour and fruity, Gose beer can complement succulent crawfish and is a great option for when the weather gets warm. There are some great Gose beer, including Urban South Coop’d Up, Terrapin Good To-Gose, Avery El Gose and Sierra Nevada Otra Vez.

American Style Wheat Ale – Mild with hints of cloves, these American beers also include citrusy flavors that highlight the subtle lemon notes in a boil. Try Bell’s Oberon, Dogfishhead Namaste White and Chandeleur Surfside Pineapple Wheat.

American Pale Lager – An especially light beer, crisp pale lagers have strong malty flavors that perfectly pair with the spices used in a crawfish boil. Good options include Longboard by Kona Brewing, Crying Eagle Louisiana Lager, Urban South Paradise Park and Omission by Widmer Brothers Brewing (it’s gluten free).

And let’s not forget our Strawberry beers, such as Abita Strawberry Lager, Covington Brewhouse Strawberry Ale, Shiner Strawberry Blonde and Parish Brewing Strawberry Canebrake.

At Acquistapace’s, we know beer and crawfish – we boil approximately 250-300 sacks of mudbugs on weekends during crawfish season – so we’ll be happy to help you make the perfect paring of those two tasty items.


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