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Embark on a Culinary Journey with Acquistapace’s Wine & Cheese. Our exquisite collection of high-end food products will elevate your palate and turn your dinner time into a luxurious affair. Visit our Mandeville, LA location to indulge in a rich array of mouth-watering foods, ingredients, and beverages, where every moment is a celebration of fine taste and craftsmanship.

Experience the Best of Tequila, Rosé, and Local Treats – Only at Acquistapace’s Wine & Cheese in Mandeville, LA!

This month, we’re taking the time to highlight a few products we know you’ll love. Sure, you can find tequila and rosé at your average grocery store — but you’ll only find unrivaled taste and world-renowned brands at Acquistapace’s Wine & Cheese in Mandeville.

Unleash the Sublime Flavors of Top-Shelf Tequila


You might think tequila is tequila no matter where it comes from or who makes it. We would beg to differ, though. You won’t want to go back after tasting tequila from any of the following brands:

  • Tierra Noble: Tierra Noble Tequila Blanco is your number-one choice if you prefer something a little smoky, citrusy, and earthy. It comes from natural spring water and 100% agave, distilled twice for the ultimate experience. You’ll notice the fresh scent of pepper and mint as soon as you uncork the bottle.
  • ArteNOM Seleccion de 1414: ArteNOM Seleccion de 1414 has many top-quality flavors, including Reposado. The Reposado expression has an undeniable vanilla, oak, and butter taste with a hint of fresh herbs and the distinct aroma of honey.  
  • Espanita: If you’re looking to treat your taste buds, try Espanita Tequila Anejo. You’ll get a combination of honey, vanilla, fresh grass, and toasted marshmallows at first, with a smooth, long-lasting finish. This luxurious beverage won the Ascot Awards’ Platinum Medal, MicroLiquor Spirits Awards’ Triple Gold Medal, and SIP Awards’ Gold Medal in 2022.

Discover a World of Delicate Tastes and Aromas with Our Exclusive Assortment of Prestigious Rosé Wines!


However, you might define the perfect wine, we have what you’re looking for. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Ameztoi Rosé “Rubentis” Getariako Txakolina: This racy blend of red hondarribi beltza and white grape hondarribi zuri delivers an incredibly unique taste with a hint of blood orange, red grapefruit, white pepper, and crushed green herbs.
  • La Sanguifere Signature Rosé: This Provence Rosé from La Sanlière winery in France is perfect for summer, with notes of various fruits like strawberry, melon, and peach.
  • Broadbent Vinho Verde Rosé: ‘Vinho Verde’ translates to ‘green wine,’ which is fitting for this elegant rosé due to it being consumed and released in a youthful state.
  • Vilarnau Rosé Delicat Reserva Cava: This full-bodied wine offers the pleasant scent of raspberry sherbert with notes of ripe cherry, subtle spice, and cream caramel.

Scrumptious Assortment of Handmade Cookies and Local Delicacies!


Tequila and rosé are great by themselves, but you can get more out of every bottle with a few snacks alongside. Acquistapace’s Wine & Cheese in Mandeville has an incredible selection of foods that serve as the perfect complement to your luxurious liquids. A few items we recommend checking out this month include the following:

  • Saluto’s cookies: Saluto’s brings authentic Italian flavors from the old country straight to your kitchen. Visit our Mandeville market to see what we have in stock!
  • Haydel’s Bakery truffles: Haydel’s Bakery makes the best truffles in New Orleans, hands down. You won’t find such a long tradition of exceptional fresh-baked treats and melt-in-your-mouth flavor anywhere else.
  • Angelo Brocato’s Cookies: Both Biscotti Regina and Cucidati are among the many classic Italian cookie varieties offered by Angelo Brocato’s. Made with love and the finest ingredients, these cookies are a true testament to the richness of Italian culinary heritage.

Find the Flavors You Crave at Acquistapace’s Wine & Cheese in Mandeville, LA

Are you looking to add a little flair to your otherwise humdrum shopping list? Acquistapace’s Wine & Cheese in Mandeville has tequila, rosé, and grocery items that will take your taste buds on the adventure of a lifetime. Visit our store today to learn more about these and other available products.

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