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Discover Exceptional Taste: Wild Bush Wines, Pinhook 7 Year Bourbon, and Angel’s Envy


Indulge in the Best: Our Selection of Wild Bush Wines, Pinhook 7 Year Bourbon, and Angel’s Envy is available at Acquistapace’s in Mandeville

Are you sick of tasting the same flavors every time you kick back with a glass of wine or bourbon? This month, Acquistapace’s Covington Supermarket is shaking things up with an incredible selection. This month, we want to share Wild Bush Wines, Pinhook Bourbon, Angel’s Envy, and Karl Malone Cigars to enhance your next night out.

We included a wide variety of profiles and aromas for our Monthly Picks. This selection contains premium items that you may struggle to find anywhere else. Explore your options, then visit our Covington, LA, market for more!

Wild Bush Wines

1. Wild Bush Wines

Wild Bush Farm & Vineyard, formerly Pontchartrain vineyards is a Southeastern Louisiana company that produces some of the best wines on the market. The business dedicates itself to expanding its inventory with new recipes. Furthermore, Wild Bush Farm & Vineyard hosts music events similar to “Jazz in the Vines” which the former vineyard hosted prior. We highly recommend these blends: Tornados in Space, Kids Got Heart, and Hot Biscuits in Love.

Wild Bush Farms & Vineyard integrates all types of plant farming into its formula. You might not think it, but small vegetables, native plants, and multiple grape varietals go into these blends to achieve an unmatched flavor profile.

Savoring a bottle of Wild Bush Wines is a great way to expand your palate. The vineyard continues experimenting with orchard fruits, canned beverages, and kegged wines, so customers always have something new to try.

The Louisiana natives behind this vintage aren’t afraid to take risks and try out new fermenting processes to create unique wines, so pick up a bottle!

2. Pinhook 7 Year Bourbon (Barrel Pick)

Pinhook Bourbon

What happens when a bourbon producer deviates from conventional distilling methods? You can find the answer in a bottle of Pinhook 7 Year. This particular bourbon is our barrel pick, which was hand selected by Adam Acquistapace to sell exclusively at our Acquistapaces locations

Pinhook Bourbon succeeds by blending drinks differently than other distillers. The team doesn’t attempt to mimic the results of popular styles. Instead, they craft each batch with cues from the respective year’s mature barrels.

Pinhook Bourbon carefully selects its barrels and small-batch blends to amplify the best qualities of each ingredient. 

We sell the finest selection of Pinhook Bourbon at Acquistapace’s Covington Supermarket. Come by and taste the results for yourself.

3. Angel’s Envy (Barrel Pick)

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Enjoy an exquisite bottle of bourbon or whiskey from Angel’s Envy. These barrel-aged blends provide an extra kick you won’t find from conventional proofs. Their flavor profiles include black pepper (yes, really!), cinnamon spices, oak, vanilla, and more. Just like the Pinhook bourbon, this Angel’s Envy barrel was hand-selected by Adam Acquistapace to sell exclusively at our Acquistapaces locations. 

No matter your preference, you will likely find what you need in a bottle of Angel’s Envy. However, don’t wait long to explore your options. They offer limited releases, such as the Founder’s Collection, that can be challenging to track down out of season.

Consider purchasing Angel’s Envy as a holiday or celebratory gift for a loved one. You can savor these top-tier selections straight from the glass or add them to your favorite cocktail. Check out the Angel’s Envy website to view a list of recipes.

To find these beverages at our store, look for the angel wings on the bottle.

4. Karl Malone Cigars

Karl Malone Cigars

When you want a traditional cigar blend with a rich profile, look no further than Karl Malone Cigars. This exciting brand is new to our walk-in humidor, so keep an eye out the next time you’re in Acquistapace’s.

The idea for this recipe came after Karl spent time traveling the Dominican Republic and speaking with influential tobacco families. After experimenting with different ingredients, Karl developed a six-year tobacco-aged infusion with notes of toasted wood and rum. 

Cigar connoisseurs praise this product for its hints of black pepper spice, dried fruit, and cinnamon. Revel in a box of these premium Churchills, or explore other formats like the Belicoso, Robusto, and Sumo Toro.

You can visit Acquistapace’s Covington Supermarket to pick up a box of Karl Malone Cigars from our walk-in humidor, where we store cigars to preserve the natural aromas. 

Did you enjoy our Monthly Pick of wines, bourbons, and cigars? Stop by and ask our team for more recommendations. We make shopping for these products easy.

Contact Acquistapace’s Covington Supermarket in Covington, LA, at 985-893-0593 today, and experience outstanding customer service. Remember to use alcohol and tobacco products responsibly.

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