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Experience a Symphony of Flavors: Hola Nola Chips, Acquistapace’s Salsa, and Charcuterie Board Items


Craft Your Perfect Bite: Hola Nola Chips, Acquistapace’s Salsa, and Charcuterie Board Items – Available at Acquistapace’s in Mandeville

Make your upcoming game day one to remember with the perfect tailgating charcuterie board! At Acquistapace’s Mandeville Supermarket, you’ll find world-class food, beverages, and more to wow the crowd and take your tailgating experience to another level. Our high-end products can instantly spice up your fan experience!

Nothing goes onto our shelves by accident, but we want to circle a few items this month because it’s football season. Next time you go shopping for the tailgate, stop by our supermarket and pick up some ready-to-drink beverages, chips and salsa—and all the mouthwatering ingredients for your charcuterie board.

1. Ready-to-Drink Selection

At Acquistapace’s, our ready-to-drink selection will keep you cool and ready to cheer on the home team. Our beverages offer a large variety of canned mixed drinks that you can easily throw into an ice chest and start drinking once cold. Options include 5%-12% ABV beverages to satisfy your unique palette and help make your game day tailgate a success.

2. Chips and Salsa

Chips Salsa

For the second pick in this month’s hot-item draft, Lauren at Acquistapace’s in Mandeville, LA, selects Hola Nola Chips and our very own peach salsa. You can’t go wrong with a bowlful of chips and salsa on game day!

Hola Nola makes exceptionally flavorful chips using simple, healthy practices. Its products use coconut oil, real corn, sea salt, and other natural ingredients for sensational tastes you won’t get from artificial, factory-manufactured food. After the first bite, Hola Nola Chips will quickly become a staple for your game-day spread.

The chips are only as good as the salsa you serve with them. Add some oomph to your tailgate by grabbing a jar of our own Acquistapace’s Peach Salsa. Our salsa goes great with tortilla chips, corn chips, and almost any of your favorite dip-worthy chip brands.

3. Charcuterie Board

No superstar-caliber tailgate is complete without a charcuterie board. Don’t just grab stuff from your average supermarket—build a fantastic buffet of flavors with unparalleled products at our luxury wine and cheese store. Here are Lauren’s top ingredients for the charcuterie board that your friends and family will love.

Smoked Gouda

You can’t go wrong with a classic gourmet treat like Smoked Gouda. This type of cheese adds a little pizzazz to the platter with a distinct flavor that will have everyone coming back for seconds. Smoked gouda goes well with crackers, fresh fruit, and other finger foods.

Sharp and Hot Cheddar

Sharp cheddar is a must-have part of any well-designed charcuterie board. As the name implies, sharp cheddar cheese has a bold, rich, slightly nutty flavor that will leave your taste buds a flavor to remember. You can slice or shred this cheese and serve it to complement almost any snack. 

Do you want to add an extra kick to your charcuterie board? Consider throwing in some smooth, habanero-infused hot cheddar. You can find the best selection of hot cheddar cheese at Acquistapace’s supermarket in Mandeville, LA.

Charcuterie Board

Yorkshire Wensleydale

Yorkshire Wensleydale cheese hails from England and adds variety to your charcuterie cheeses. Its mild flavor includes a hint of wild honey and a little zest from champagne and orange ingredients.

Wensleydale and Blueberries

Another excellent cheese to round out your game-day charcuterie board is Wensleydale and Blueberries. The world-renowned British cheese infused with fresh blueberries provides the perfect balance of sweetness and tartness in every bite. Enjoy it by itself or with crackers and other fruit!

Bella Maria Almonds and Caramelized Pecans

Don’t get just any almonds for your charcuterie board—get Bella Maria Almonds. These nuts come straight from Spain and only use organic, non-GMO ingredients. Almonds are an excellent finger food to match the other snacks on your platter.

While you’re at it, grab some Bella Maria Caramelized Pecans. These authentic Spanish treats give your charcuterie board some added flair to help you and your crew tailgate like champions.

Would you like to know about these products and their availability? Call us at (985) 893-0593 or visit Acquistapace’s at our Mandeville, LA, location today.

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