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When the seafood spice is right, here’s how to keep your cool


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If you’re planning to have some spicy seafood spread across your backyard picnic table real soon, you’re certainly going to want a cold beverage to pair with the feast.

The first thing that Acquistapace’s Supermarket wine and spirits expert Sunny Groom goes to when she’s “thinking drinking” is something light and refreshing. It’s certainly the direction she steers when talking hot crawfish, crabs, or shrimp.

“If you want wine, a Riesling is a great compliment to boiled crawfish,” Groom said. “There are some really good German varieties, and also some great domestics too. A Riesling is a little bit lower in alcohol. Its acidity helps cut some of the spice of the boil. It cleans the palate and gets you ready for that next bite.”

If you’d prefer a cold beer with your mudbugs, Groom points to a brew with a nice, bright flavor. Maybe even something with citrus notes. She suggests avoiding darker beers, because they usually are served warmer. People tend to want something ice cold when eating spicy food.

“I would recommend the Abita Strawberry, which just came out for the season,” Groom said. “There’s also the Lagunitas 12th of Never, which really is just fantastic with any seafood.”

Groom said the same wine and beer would pair well with any spicy seafood dish. Such as jambalaya, crawfish pasta, etoufee’, bouillabaisse, or a seafood stew with some zing.

For more ideas on what you can drink with your beautiful Louisiana seafood, ask for Sunny or one of the many helpful associates at Acquistapace’s Covington Supermarket, or Acquistapace’s Wine and Cheese in Mandeville at the foot of the Causeway.

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