You’re not allowed to wine in football. Wanna bet?

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September means the start of football season, and the start of football season means the start of football parties.

But what should you bring for you and your friends to drink?

A bottle of wine is a traditional gift often brought to parties, but one may not think wine is the kind of beverage to bring to a “football” party, where the main event is watching big tough players hit another.

Nonsense, said Adam Acquistapace, the wine expert at Acquistapace’s Covington Supermarket.

“I would rather wine be accessible (to everyone,)” Acquistapace said. “There’s a whole world of boutique, hand-crafted wine out there, but in the big picture, that’s actually a very small part of the wine business. The majority of it is for people who drink a glass of wine a day, and maybe they don’t want to open up a $50 bottle of wine.”

With that in mind, Acquistapace offered the following suggestions on bottles of wine that would be a hit of their own at your football party. He used $10-20 as the median price range for these selections.

  • Sparkling – “You can never lose with a sparkling wine, especially at a sporting event,” he said. “It’s almost celebratory. You’re assuming you’re going to win. So any type of bubbles will work.” Acquistapace said Prosecco or Cava would do, as would a Moscato d’Asti, either “frizzante” meaning less bubbly, or “Spumante” (with lots of bubbles.)
  • White -“A wine that would pair well with finger food is Sauvignon Blanc, either from California or New Zealand,” Acquistapace said. “Cotes de Gascogne is a French wine that would be great, as would an un-oaked or low-oaked Chardonnay from the Maconnais in the south of France.”
  • Red – “You need a middle style red wine, not something too big,” Acquistapace said. “A California Pinot Noir is a good pick for a lot of things. Red blends are good. Zinfandels are really good, especially if there’s barbecue. Or maybe a good Cotes du Rhone from southeast France.”
  • Rosé – “It may be the best wine to bring,” he said. “It’s not red, it’s not white. It maintains a good acidity, but I would say rosé of a medium light color, probably from Provence in south of France. Something more fruity would be a California rosé. They’re awesome for outside when it’s too hot for red wine.”

Want more tips on what wine is right for your party? Go visit Adam or a member of the friendly team at Acquistapace’s.


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