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Our wine expert Adam Acquistapace recently attended the Society of Wine Educators 40th annual Conference in Washington, D.C., where he spent quality time with other wine specialists from around the world.

Renowned conferences such as these are a great place to learn of new trends that wine lovers from around the world are experiencing. And, as always, Adam had wine on his mind, and he was eager to share the following tidbits that are sure to interest those who enjoy a taste of the grape.

Almost all of the vineyards in Europe are grafted with American rootstock. In the 1870s, a grape louse called phylloxera devastated the indigenous vines of Europe. “Even now, vines are grafted onto American rootstock, which is resistant to the grape louse and other disease.”

Love Zinfandel? The red version? Try Primotivo, which is Zinfandel’s Italian twin. “Both grapes have been discovered to be genetically identical, so keep it in the family.”

Most everyone thinks California and the Mediterranean when they think wine. But Africa also produces a lot of wine. Chenin Blanc is the most planted grape in South Africa. The first vintage came in 1659!

The U.S. is the largest consumer of wine in the world, followed by France and Italy. Spain has more vineyards than any other country. Question: Who’s No. 2 on that list? Answer: China.
So what grape is in the bottle? It may say Pinot Noir, but it only needs to be 75 percent Pinot to legally put that on the label. In Washington State, however, it has to be 90 percent Pinot Noir to advertise as such. “Your rich and heavy Pinot Noir from California might just be Syrah.”

Want to learn more about wine? Come visit Adam and the rest of the friendly and knowledgeable staff in the wine and spirits department at Acquistapace’s!


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