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What is it about sparkling wine?

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Those bubbles can certainly seem refreshing on a hot day. And then there’s the food pairings.

Champagne and strawberries, and oysters, and caviar – all standard and popular.

Champagne and … fried chicken?

Just ask Adam Acquistapace, who directs the wine and spirits department at Acquistapace’s Covington Supermarket.

“All Champagne (a region and appellation in northern France) is sparkling wine, but not all sparkling wine is Champagne. … Any wine that has bubbles in it is called a sparkling wine, and sparkling wine – Champagne or another – is one of the most versatile wines for food pairing. You can even have it with fried chicken – that makes a great pairing.”
Adam seems to be onto something, as suggested in this article, which featured unique sparkling wine and food pairings, including one with fried food.

Sparkling wine has that refreshing aspect to it, but there are the levels of sweetness that make for interesting pairing combinations – for example, Extra-Dry vs. Brut.
“The bubbles give a perception of dryness (the refreshing part),” Adam explained. … “There is a wide array of sweetness levels. Prosecco (sparkling made from the Glera grape from northeast Italy), for example, is often a little off dry, great for mixing or drinking by itself.”

And with crawfish?

“It is sweeter in style, and if you have something spicy, the sugar cuts through the spice. Prosecco could, for example, pair well with crawfish.”
“Sparkling wine is festive,” and if one is looking to go the standard route pairing wise – cheese – with sparkling wine, Acquistapace’s features, “about 400 different types of sparkling wines, including Champagne.”

“Cheese is a great pairing with bubbles,” Adam said. “The acidity and bubbles found in sparkling wine cut right through the fat in cheese.”
Looking for a particular sparkling wine, or the best match for a particular event or food? Adam and his staff at Acquistapace’s are ready to help in selecting wine and spirits for any occasion.


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