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For The Love of Wine & Cheese – Valentines Wines


Hey Sweetie – grab your pod’nuh or your pal and celebrate Valentine’s Day with Acquistapace’s! We have curated fantastic wines and cheese especially for Valentine’s Day. Erik Acquistapace, Certified Cheese Professional of the American Cheese Society has chosen nuanced, unique,...
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Top 8 Ways to Serve Wine at Christmas Dinner


With the approach of Christmas comes talk of mouthwatering ham, oyster dressing and other tasteful side dishes. But it’s just as important to take care when selecting the wine for your Christmas dinner. Planning a trip to Acquistapace’s to stock...
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Bordeaux Tasting


Join Acquistapace’s as we welcome Blake Maso from Misa Imports and sample wines from the Bordeaux region of France. We’ll have a lineup of very approachable, very affordable wine! Come check it out!