Seafood turns everyday meals into a celebration. We carry ingredients in store to  make it easy to prepare traditional Cajun and Creole dishes or create something entirely new to impress friends and family. We also sell fresh sushi if you need a quick seafood fix that’s ready to eat.

Seafood Ingredients

Whether you’re making crawfish etouffee as a Friday night dinner, barbecue shrimp as a potluck main dish or a pot of seafood gumbo for a special occasion, count on our fresh shrimp and Louisiana-sourced crawfish tails to add an authentic local touch. Frozen fish and shellfish options let you enjoy your favorite seafood year-round, and in-season varieties deliver top-quality seafood options at the peak of freshness. We also carry all the seasonings you need to prepare delicious dishes such as lemon-pepper scallops or blackened redfish, our seafood experts can make suggestions and offer cooking tips if you’re interested in trying something new.

Hot Boiled Crawfish

When spring weather hits, crawfish season begins. Instead of boiling it yourself, stop in to our seafood department to get fresh boiled crawfish that’s ready to eat. Grab a couple of pounds as a quick snack or buy a big bag for a gathering in your backyard.