Savory Dessert – Stilton and Port

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Dessert isn’t always about a sugar rush. It also can be about cleansing the palate, and winding down a wonderful meal.
Erik Acquistapace knows that, and as one Louisiana’s few Certified Cheese Professionals with the American Cheese Society, he knows that pairing Stilton cheese and port wine is about as classic a dessert option there is.
It’s also a wonderful mix for the winter holidays, he added.
“Blue stilton is about as traditional a cheese for the holidays as you’re going to find,” Acquistapace said. “It’s an English pairing, and you see it with port wine all the time. But also, it can be served with walnuts, or honey, or both. It’s a delicious combination, and a perfect way to end a meal, or just to share a light snack with company.”
Stilton, Acquistapace said, is a crumbly, white cheese, but most people know only blue Stilton, which is made by “spiking” the cheese with Roquefort Penicillium, which gives it the blue veins within. The combination is not only traditional, but delicious.
Acquistapace recommended an English Colston Bassett Stilton, which is artisanal (meaning handmade on the Colston Bassett Dairy Farm.) It’s popular throughout Great Britain, but also in select places worldwide, even though it’s made in very limited batches.
“We’ll have a wide selection of it available throughout the holidays,” Acquistapace said. “It’s great to give as a gift, or to have at the house for when company stops by.”
For more suggestions on how to liven up your holidays, visit Acquistapace’s Covington Supermarket, or their specialty store in Mandeville near the Causeway.


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