The right wine will bring out the best of the Thanksgiving turkey

11.16.17 By

We’ve all been there before – eagerly waiting around the dinner table to sample a juicy Thanksgiving turkey.

But when the turkey is served, it’s a touch dry. Before the food hits the plates, everyone reaches for the gravy boat or an extra spoon of cranberry sauce for some needed moisture.

If you find yourself in this situation at Thanksgiving, consider instead upping the ante on your wine – not the consumption but to a flavor that will complement the food served.

According to Adam Acquistapace, the wine and spirts expert at Acquistapace’s Covington Supermarket, a bolder, fruitier wine will appeal to the palate when the turkey served is a little dry.

“Turkey is a delicate meat, and it kind of goes against my general rule in this case, but if the turkey is dry, something really fruity with an elevated alcohol level will please the palate,” he said.

Acquistapace said one suggestion would be to turn to a red zinfandel or a red-based blend.

“Something from the Lodi region of California would be great,” he said. “There’s good value in red zinfandel. The wine itself has a little more power to it. There’s nothing like too much acidity, like dry turkey and dry wine. That’s not good. You want something heavier and richer in the case of a dry turkey. Plus, you want something practical, and it is good wine for a good cost.”

For more ideas and suggestions, visit Adam or one of the other friendly staff members at Acquistapace’s Covington Supermarket or at their location in Mandeville near the Causeway.


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