5 Reasons to Be Thankful for Wine

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The holiday season is a time of gratitude for all that we’ve been given. But as the team at Acquistapace’s prepares to gather around family feasts this year, we’re adding wine to our list of things to be thankful for. Why are we so thankful for wine? Check out five important reasons below.

  1. Wine makes the perfect gift.

Giving a great gift isn’t always easy, but a bottle of wine selected just for the recipient is sure to please this Christmas. Present a loved one with their favorite vintage or introduce them to exciting selections from emerging wineries. Either way, you can rest assured your gift will be enjoyed to the fullest.

  1. It can make any meal memorable.

When it comes to wine, there’s a variety for nearly everything. Serving up a Christmas ham? Choose a dry Riesling or Shiraz. How about a chicken and andouille gumbo or buche de noel? You guessed it – there’s a wine for that, too. Incorporating wine into a meal adds a bold measure of flavor and the perfect finishing touch.

  1. Wine provides the ideal blend of elegance and fun.

If you’re a wine enthusiast, then you’ve probably made many fond memories over a glass or two of wine. Everyone can enjoy trying new varieties and sharing favorites, and opening a bottle of wine is a great way to bring sophistication to even the simplest dishes.

  1. There’s something for everyone.

It’s just as easy to find the right wine for every palate as it is to pair one with every dish. Whether guests are delighted by sweet, fruity flavors or bold notes of spice, you can rest assured there’s a wine that’s just right for everyone on your guest list.

  1. Wine in moderation offers plenty of health benefits.

You already knew wine was a delectable addition to any meal, but did you know that drinking it in moderation may also provide a variety of health benefits? Numerous studies have found connections between red wine and improved heart health, while others have even linked wine consumption to reduced stroke risk.

Shop Wine at Acquistapace’s

Proudly serving Southeastern Louisiana since 1963, Acquistapace’s offers a meticulously curated selection of wines at both our Mandeville and Covington locations. Consider our wine of the month, or visit our stores in person for expert assistance in selecting a wine that exceeds your expectations.


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