Wild Turkey Kentucky Bourbon

Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit

9.27.18 By

Kentucky Spirit is a 101 proof (50.5% alcohol), single-barrel bourbon. Adam Acquistapace hand selected this barrel for Acquistapace’s!

Known for being fuller bodied, with rich vanilla flavors and a hint of sweetness, Wild Turkey Kentucky spirit is the perfect bourbon to enjoy neat. With A complex layering of almonds, honey, blackberries, and leather it gives way to a long, dark and lingering finish.

Wild turkey Bourbon is good for different reasons. Mostly it comes down to premium ingredients, select barrels, and a lot of patience. Whiskey is only as good as your ingredients. That’s why the water comes from the Kentucky River and is naturally filtered through limestone, removing iron and other impurities. Plus, they are still using their original yeast strain – proprietary to Wild Turkey – which attributes to their bourbon’s signature flavor for over 60 years. They won’t use anything but their specially grown, non-GMO grains, which are quality tested four different times. Jimmy Russell is the world’s longest-tenured active master distiller. His son, Eddie Russell, was named master distiller in 2015. They both make sure Wild Turkey stays true to a tradition from before Prohibition