Hola Nola Creole Chips

Hola Nola Chips

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Hola Nola makes unique, hand-made tortilla chips sure to bring the flavor of your favorite neighborhood taqueria to your home.

How it all began

Started in the 1940’s Nola and her family immigrated to New Orleans. While she enjoyed the food that this great city had to offer, she longed for the simple meals from back home.

She started making handmade tortillas to create family favorites such as tacos and burritos. Word soon spread around the neighborhood of Nola’s tasty Latin creations.

Neighbors and friends began asking Nola to cook for them, and she happily obliged. But, no matter how many or whom she cooked for, she never strayed from her original recipes. It soon became a habit for Nola to make fresh tortillas every morning.

Then whatever tortillas were left over the next day, she would cut up and fry into chips for appetizers and snacks. Today we use her same recipes including letting the tortillas rest overnight before we cut and cook them into chips so they taste exactly as Nola’s did those many years ago.

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