Acquistapaces King Cake

Acquistapaces’ King Cakes

1.9.18 By

King cake season is to New Orleans bakeries what Valentine’s Day is to florists and Christmas is to retailers.

Catholic countries and regions have celebrated Three Kings Day and Carnival with related special cakes for centuries, and different versions still are made in many countries. None have the popularity factor of the brioche-style ones here.

Carnival historian Errol Laborde has said that galette des rois is one of the few remaining Carnival traditions left in France. The cake’s name derives from the Three Kings date, and the tokens inside were placed there to designate the recipient a king or queen of the party. In New Orleans, a story has become attached to the king cake that the baby represents the Christ child.

Come by Acquistapaces and get a piece of our take on a New Orleans area original!