In keeping with the Acquistapace tradition of providing the best of every product we offer, our markets feature a wide variety of the finest cigars on the market. Be sure to visit and explore our walk-in humidor, where you’ll discover a cigar that effortlessly complements your drink, meal or activity of choice.

Cigars We Offer

Cigar Humidor – Acquistapace’s Mandeville Wine & CheeseWe are renowned for our extensive selection of meats and cheeses, and we’re confident that our walk-in humidor at our Mandeville will reveal an equally competitive assortment of cigars. Fine cigar brands we carry include:

  • ACID: Handmade in Nicaragua, the ACID brand boasts a vast range of cigar lines, making it easy to find a favorite, whether you’re a cigar veteran or newcomer to the scene.
  • Arturo Fuente: With flavors ranging from medium to full-bodied, the Arturo Fuente name is famed for the exquisite quality of its many cigars.
  • Casa de Garcia: Available in several distinct blends, Casa de Garcia cigars are known for their smooth, consistent feel.
  • Churchill: Churchill cigars are inspired by the endlessly bold character of Winston Churchill himself. They’re available in a variety of blends and wrappers to cater to the discerning buyer.
  • Gurkha Cellar Reserve: Crafted with Dominican fillers and binders, these vintage cigars come packaged in a unique wooden box that reflects their exceptional flavor.
  • Macanudo: Macanudo, known for products handcrafted in Santiago and aged in cedar rooms once rolled and wrapped, offers several bold-flavored cigar lines.
  • My Father Cigars: Established in 2003, My Father Cigars has quickly become one of the most well-known names in the industry thanks to unique blends boasting both strength and spiciness.
  • Oliva: While Oliva traces its distinctly Cuban roots back to 1886, this renowned brand’s high-quality cigars are now grown in the fertile soil of Nicaragua.
  • Rocky Patel: A keen attention to quality helps this boutique brand’s distinguished cigars rack up universally high scores in key cigar publications.
  • The Bourbon Cigar: Maker’s Mark bourbon whiskey and Cuban-seed, Dominican tobaccos lend these cigars an unparalleled flavor profile.

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