It’s their season, so let’s complement those crawfish

3.9.18 By

Sure, crawfish may be the main menu item at your backyard boil, but who says that’s the only thing you’ll want to serve friends and family?

For those seeking some variety, the knowledgeable people at Acquistapace’s Covington Supermarket have the perfect accompanying dishes to make your crawfish boil an even bigger bash.

In the mood for a bite of something to cool the spice of those crawfish tails? Consider picking up some of Acquistapace’s perfect potato salad or scrumptious coleslaw. Both are made fresh and in-house, and are the perfect temperature to soothe your taste buds after sucking the head and/or pinching the tails of those mudbugs!

And what better than a loaf of fresh French bread than to sop up the crawfish juices? It seems everyone in south Louisiana knows that’s a must. Acquistapace’s makes French bread daily in its Covington store, and it sells a variety of silky butters (imported and domestic) to go with the bread.

For more ideas on great side dishes to serve at your next seafood boil, visit the friendly folks at Acquistapace’s Covington Supermarket.


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