Holidays and Eggnog

12.29.16 By

Is there a drink that says holidays more than eggnog?
Not a chance, but it’s also one of those drinks that people seem to really love or really … well, like not so much.
Adam Acquistapace loves eggnog, and as the wine and spirits expert at Acquistapace’s Covington Supermarket, he knows how to go about preparing the perfect drink. And surprise – it’s not hard at all!
“I’ve actually never made my own,” Acquistapace said. “But I do buy my own premade, and spike it myself. Some people use whiskey, but I prefer brandy. It’s lighter and has a more subtle flavor.”
Acquistapace said brands such as Paul Masson or E & J have some sweetness to them, which works well in the nog. You don’t have to use expensive cognac, he said, to make it good, and the drink doesn’t need to be “over-spiked” to be enjoyable.
Premixed labels such as Evan Williams and Pennsylvania Dutch also are good products, Acquistapace said.
“Penn Dutch is more robust, while Evan Williams is a little more delicate, and has a taste of cinnamon going on that I like.”
Eggnog is best served very cold, and you might consider putting it into the freezer for a while and then blending vigorously with a few cubes of ice. Just when the ice lifts, enjoy a thick and frothy drink that is like imbibing eggnog ice cream.


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