Feed the football soul: Keep tailgate meat preparation simple, tasty

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Tailgating is a tradition in south Louisiana, and there’s no wondering why.

You could start with a pretty passionate football fan base, but really people down here can turn any event into a reason to tailgate. Still, when you combine family, friends and something such as football, tailgating becomes a great way to spend a Saturday or Sunday.

Adam Acquistapace knows all about tailgating, as he grew up in south Louisiana, has degrees from LSU and Tulane, and has watched plenty of football. He also is an expert on groceries, and that schooling came from growing up in his family’s store, where he still can be found today.

When it comes to tailgating, Adam knows how to get to, well, the meat of the matter. Food at a tailgate should be easy to prepare but delicious for food-crazy Louisianians, and traditionally it seems some type of meat is involved.

Preparing meat can be time consuming. Acquistapace said there are several ways to keep meat dishes simple, however, and they are ones that will not only save you time, but also please the partygoers’ palates

  • Hit the links – “Sausages are easy,” Acquistapace said. “You can wrap them up and eat them like that, or you can cut them up and it’s still easy. We make an awesome green onion sausage here at the store. It comes from pork trimmings, with fresh green onions and spices. Delicious.”
  • Rib-sticking good – “You can do pork ribs and beef ribs,” he said. “We smoke the heck out of some ribs over here in the store, and we have our own sauce we use. We use some local producers’ sauces, too, and one that is good is Big Branch (Barbecue and Dipping Sauce…Ribs are easy and they’re traditional. You only have to cut it once. Think about food you don’t have to eat with utensils when you want an easy tailgating experience.”
  • Pickin’ Chicken – Meat with a bone provides a dual purpose – food and a free hand. That’s why ribs and chicken legs (both with bones) are easy choices for tailgating. You can jazz up the feast, by using Asian or Caribbean flavors with those meats, too, Acquistapace said.
  • Stick to it – “Skewers can be done at home and put on the grill when you get to the tailgate. Marinate the meat overnight. There are tons of different marinades. Put your beef, pork, or chicken in a plastic bag overnight, and then skewer it up with tomatoes, onions, pineapple, peppers – whatever you want. And in some cases, you can even pre-cook stuff in advance, and just warm it up and put some grill marks on it when you get to the tailgate.”

Adam and the entire staff at Acquistapace’s are happy to help with these and any other suggestions you may need for your next tailgating party. 


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