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Holiday spirits: before, during and after


Sure, you’ve probably given quite a bit of thought about the wine you’ll serve with a holiday meal. But what about before and after-dinner drinks? Believe it or not, these spirits – known formally as the apéritif and the digestif...
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No-fuss summer eats are the way to go


When you’re hanging with your friends at the pool during the summer and you want a bite to eat, you’re probably thinking quick and easy. That’s understandable. When it’s all about logistics, what better finger food than the sandwich? Acquistapace’s...
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The thrill of the grill … it’s that time of year!


Summer is barbecue season and Acquistapace’s Covington Supermarket has everything you need to turn your backyard grill into a standout experience. Starting with that key ingredient – the meat for the barbecue – the Acquistapace Family goes to great lengths...
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The best kind of Acquistapace’s vacation


Late spring and summer are the seasons when we vacation the most. Erik Acquistapace takes it to another level. He vacations often during the summer, but it’s not always with his family, unless one considers his customers family. Based on...
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