Types of Beer

10 Different Types of Beer You Should Know

Beer and Spirits in Covington LA - Acquistapace's Covington SupermarketThere’s nothing quite like an ice cold beer on a hot summer day. However, not all beers are the same, which means that although a pilsner might really hit the spot when temperatures are up, a porter might not be quite as refreshing. There are many different types of beer to choose from, and you should learn what they are so that you can figure out what types of beer you like best. The following are ten types of beer that you should know about:

Pale Ale

Pale ales came to be once brewing technology allowed the barley used in beer production to be gently roasted. Pale ales are popular the world over and vary in taste profiles from one region of the world to another. For example, in the UK pale ales tend to have a malty and woody flavor, while in the U.S., pale ales are hoppier and spicier.

IPA ( India Pale Ale )

IPA beers are known as one of the hoppiest beers available. Back in the 1700s, the English were unable to transport their favored pale ale to India without it spoiling. They remedied this by adding more hops, which are a natural preservative, thereby giving birth to the IPA.

Lager & Ale

Lagers and Ales are arguably the most popular types of beer in the world. The main difference between the two lies in the fermentation process. Whereas Ales use top-fermenting yeasts, Lagers use bottom-fermenting yeast strains. Because of this, Lagers don’t typically have the fruity aromas that Ales boast, but they do have crisper and cleaner flavors.


Pilsner Beers are a type of Pale Lager that first originated out of Czechoslovakia back in 1842. Pilsners are known for having strong hops and a softer malt, which gives them a slight bitter but fragrant flavor.

Brown Ale

At one point, Brown Ales were very lightly hopped and were brewed using 100 percent brown malt, which is what resulted in their dark amber color. These days, Brown Ales are made with higher levels of malt, making them less bitter than other beers.

Bock Beer

Bock Beer is generally stronger than typical Lagers and tends to have a more robust malt flavor profile with a slight hint of bitterness. They originated out of Germany, where monasteries brewed Bock beers during the Medieval time period.

Wheat Beer

Wheat Beers are very low on hops and are produced from a mixture of barley and wheat grains. The yeast used in wheat beer is a specialized ale yeast that results in a unique aroma and flavor, which varies depending on the wheat beer style. However, most Wheat Beers are light in flavor, making them popular summer beers.


Stout Beers are brewed using black unmalted barley, which is why they appear so dark. Stouts often have a smooth and rich flavor profile that includes hints of chocolate, molasses, licorice and coffee, and lack the hops flavor that most other beers have. Because of their fullness, stouts make for good winter beers.


Porter beers are very dark in color. They are generally brewed with slow fermenting yeast using roasted malts and roasted barley. Although a bit thinner than stout beers, they do have similar flavor profiles, which include chocolate, roasted grains and toffee.


Lambic beers are unique due to their spontaneous fermentation method in which the beer is stored in barrels and aged for upwards of three years. They hail out of Belgium and often have a sour taste, although many Lambic beers are also fermented with fruit to give it a distinct fruity flavor.

These are ten of the most popular types of beer from around the world. There are many other types of beer as well, but these will give you a good foundation of beer knowledge. Don’t forget to check out our wide selection of different types of beer available here at Acquistapace’s today.