Amazing Beer Selection

Beer and Spirits - Covington, LA - Aquistapace's Covington SupermarketErik & Adam Acquistapace have spent years building HUGE selection of beer. On a trip to Oktoberfest in Germany, Erik & Adam discovered a drinking establishment along the way that offered over 2000 selections of beer. This inspired the Acquistapaces bring this amazing selection to the store. With the advent of the craft beer industry, beer has taken on a new persona. Acquistapace’s has plunged into the craft beer movement and offers our customers plenty of choices. The local craft beer scene is booming as well. If you haven’t tried some of the local brews, come to our Mandeville or Covington location and pick up a few! We offer tons of single beers as well.


The local beer scene is happenin’! Try beers from these local breweries

Abita Brewing Company

The oldest operating brewery in Louisiana, Abita was just the 13th craft brewery to open in the United States and the first in the South. The creators knew the value of using Abita Springs’ artesian water to make their beer. Since beginning in 1986, Abita has expanded to a state of the art brewing facility with over a dozen beers offered year-round. Abita also offers seasonal beers brewed to match Louisiana’s unique seasons and the harvest series made with locally grown ingredients. Abita also showcases the talents of the brewers in their Limited series, releasing different styles every few months. Another line, the Bourbon Street series offers brews aged in small batch wooden bourbon barrels, which draws out the warm bourbon flavors from the barrels. Adding to their diversity, Abita makes a hard soda as well as fun flavored sodas like King Cake and Pecan Pie.

Chafunkta Brewing Company

Started by a couple whose passion for homebrewing turned into a “nano”brewery in Mandeville, Louisiana.  A family run brewery producing fresh, complex beers full of flavor. Owners Josh & Jamie believe that their beer are a true reflection of themselves, therefore releasing beers that they love and have crafted to perfection.

Covington Brewhouse

Brewed in an old cotton processing warehouse in historic downtown Covington, Covington Brewhouse is with walking distance to Acquistapace’s Covington Supermarket. They feature 5 flagship beers, seasonals, and their fun “rockstar” series. As a part of the community, Covington Brewhouse donates their grain used for brewing to local farms to feed livestock.

Gnarly Barley Brewing Company

Hailing from Hammond, Louisiana, Gnarly Barley began as a garage homebrew by Zac & Cari Caramonta. After perfecting their beers, Zac & Cari were able to open their brewing facility in 2014. Gnarly Barley focuses on a “truly original experience by blurring the lines of traditional beer styles.”

Port Orleans Brewing Company

Port Orleans created beers that are balanced, flavorful and drinkable. They recommend you enjoy their beers in a three-pint sessions, because you’ll want another after rounds one and two! Brewed below sea level, Port Orleans is committed to New Orleans tradition as a proud member of the local brewing community.

Lazy Magnolia

Lazy Magnolia is dedicated to providing the best possible products through tireless efforts, superior motivation, and Southern heritage. They offer customers a line of refreshing beverages, made in true Southern Style, complementing the traditions of the South and remaining true to Southern tastes

Urban South Brewery

Urban South founder Jacob Landry spent a year in Europe, discovering amazing beer. Bringing home the inspiration of great beer, Urban South combines the heritage of European beer making with the brashness of new American styles. That mixture of cultural legacy and bold innovation is why New Orleans is the perfect place to launch our brewery.

While local breweries have been missing from the landscape for far too long, Urban South is excited to join with other local brewing pioneers to re-establish New Orleans as the beer capital of the South. The future is bright for local beer lovers!

NOLA Brewing Company

NOLA opened a brewery in New Orleans for the love of beer and the love of New Orleans. They are constantly motivated by what they love. NOLA’s passion for beer and for the city of New Orleans. Founder Kirk Coco realized post-Katrina that New Orleans did not have a single brewery. He made this change by opening NOLA Brewing Company…the first brewery in New Orleans in a new era.

Second Line Brewing

Named from a parade tradition, Second Line Brewery evokes joy and celebration. In brewing beer, Second Line celebrate the people and traditions of South Louisiana. Just as second line parades are uniquely New Orleans, so is Second Line Brewing.