Cheese at your Thanksgiving Feast

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When you think about the Thanksgiving meal, you probably envision turkey, dressing, sweet potatoes, and pecan pie.
But hors d’oeuvres among friends and family as the big meal is being prepared seem as much of a tradition as the meal does.

Erik Acquistapace, a certified cheese professional with the American Cheese Society who oversees the cheese department at Acquistapace’s Covington Supermarket, knows that a variety of cheeses goes perfectly with a glass of wine prior to the meal. When preparing a cheese board, he likes to offer a sampling that not only suits all palates, but one that enhances the drink in hand or the meal about to be consumed.

Here are his recommendations for a Thanksgiving sampling.

  • Soft: “Go with a triple cream,” Acquistapace said. “It’s soft and ripened. Most people think its brie, but it’s more buttery than that. It goes well with a nice crusty bread, and you use it in place of butter.”
  • Blue: “A Roquefort is classic, and it goes great with whatever you’re drinking at Thanksgiving.”
    Alpine: These cheeses are just hitting their peak, after mother animals dropped their young and began producing milk in the spring. So after aging for half the year, Alpine cheeses are at their freshest right now. “Swiss would be a great choice, and later in the holidays, you can use the Alpines as melters for fondue,” Acquistapace said.
  • Hard: “A nice cheddar, aged one year, so it’s not too sharp.”
  • Fruit added: Think Wensleydale, mixed with cranberries. “It’s an English cheese, and when the cheese is in curd form, they blend in cranberries, then form it afterward. We sell Wensleydales blended with blueberries, chocolate, mangoes. They’re all good, but the one with cranberries goes great with your cranberry sauce at Thanksgiving.”

For more ideas and suggestions, visit Erik or one of the other friendly staff members at Acquistapace’s Covington Supermarket or at their location in Mandeville near the Causeway.


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